S2 Interactive Theatre of InnoArts Series - First Step

The Visual Arts Department organised a performance of ‘InnoArts Series: First Steps’ for all S2 students on 02 Feb 2023. It was a participatory theatre in an immersive soundscape with interactive lighting, where students experienced and were immerse in the scene.A number of students, as the stars of the show, were involved in an unforgettable experience of action in the plot. Headsets were randomly put in the seats prior to the show. Those students with headsets guided by audio cues were assigned to immerse themselves in the show. Those who stayed in the seats were in an unforgettable experience revolving around the presence, courage and vulnerability performed by both schoolmates and professional performers on stage. Students had the chance to express themselves without fearing judgement from others. Involvement in the performance helped build their self-esteem and confidence. They were empowered to express their thoughts and feelings in a way that made them feel empowered. The show helped them find their passion and thus it attracted some students to participate in the related workshop held in March.