S4 and S5 Flower Show Student Drawing Competition

All the S4 and S5 Visual Arts students participated in the ‘Hong Kong Flower Show 2023 Student Drawing Competition’ on 10 Mar 2023. The students were impressed not only by the experience of sketching exquisite flowers but also by enhancing our awareness of plant conservation and the natural environment. They drew the floral exhibits or garden displays in the showground to illustrate the theme of “Bliss in Bloom”. Students found the drawing process quite challenging to present the beauty of hydrangea in the scene in such a limited time. However, they tried to observe the characteristics of the flowers in order to have a good visual representation. Meanwhile, quite a lot of visitors stayed and watched them drawing. Some of them even requested to take pictures of their paintings. That was definitely encouraging for the students. Lastly, we all congratulated our student, 4A SHIH Yiu-cheung, who got the award of merit in the competition.