S4 and S5 Joint School Fabrics Painting Competition

All S4 and S5 Visual Arts students participated in the joint school “Painting of Fabrics Competition” on 03 Mar 2023 which was held at St. Paul’s Secondary School. It aimed to enhance students’ aesthetic sense, to develop their cooperation skills and to provide them opportunities to conduct creative and effective presentations. The students formed a team to create a fabric painting in the theme of "Festivals Connect Countries". Prior to the activity, they researched the customs of different countries.It broadened their horizons about the symbolisation of different cultures. During the creation process, they carried out a “division of labour". Each of them was in charge of colouring a portion of the fabric. They were aware that collaboration was crucial to make the process efficient and effective. Their technique of applying acrylic was enhanced as well. The school was impressed by the active participation, artistic endeavour and brilliant teamwork displayed by our students.