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The Singapore-Hong Kong Exchange Programme is an initiative between the Hong Kong Education Bureau and Singapore’s Ministry of Education. The objectives of this programme are:


Through the exchange programme, students learn about the general way of life of the locals as they interact with one another, with family members and friends of their host buddies, both in Singapore and in Hong Kong. The immersion allows authentic learning and experience of local languages, customs and practices of both cities. From their experience, they develop their interpersonal and communication skills, make connections and form new friendships with their buddies.


The second leg of the 15th Singapore-Hong Kong Exchange Programme took place from 5/11 to 15/11. Nine Singaporean students not only joined the classes of their QC buddies but also stayed at the latter’s homes. Two centralized programmes, Disneyland YES programme and the Hong Kong Museum of History, were organized as part of a learning journey to enrich their visit to Hong Kong. During weekends, the QC students and their family members arranged excursions for their Singaporean buddies and introduced them to various sightseeing spots.


Through the local school immersion experience and visits to different organizations and places of interest, students are given precious opportunities to cultivate their appreciation for the local communities in both cities, enhance their understanding of the issues they face and hence have a better grasp of cultural diversity.

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Yes Program at Disneyland (3)
before departure
doing experiment
doing experiment (2)
farewell ceremony
group photo at Disneyland
group photo at History Museum
group photo at school gate
inside classroom with classmates
inside classroom with classmates (2)
inside History Museum
meeting our principal
meet-up session
meet-up session (2)
performance at farewell ceremony
playing basketball
playing basketball (2)
QC students and buddies at History Museum
school visit
school visit (2)
school visit (3)
school visit (4)
school visit (5)
school visit (6)

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